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Reaction Kettle

10 years of experience in manufacturing Reaction Kettle, for concentration of liquid material in pharmaceutical, food, light industry and chemical industry. According to the nature of the material, the reactor can be made of stainless steel cans. The reactor consists of a tank body, a pot cover, an agitator, a transmission shaft, a shaft seal device, a transmission device and other auxiliary parts.
  • Stainless Steel Reactor Jacket Design Multiple Reactor System

    Stainless Steel Reactor Jacket Design Multiple Reactor System

    Stainless Steel Reactor Jacket Design Introduction The sandwich can be heated by cold and heat sources (frozen liquid, water or hot oil to do constant temperature heating/ cooling reaction, ideal for modern synthetic chemical biopharmaceuticals and new materials). Experiment/...Read More
  • Steam Jacketed Kettle

    Steam Jacketed Kettle

    Electric Steam Heating Stirred Batch Reactor Introduction The working principle of the steam heating reactor is to pass the reactor jacket into the boiler steam, the steam heat into the kettle, so that the reactor material heat absorption reaction. Steam heating reactor, with...Read More
  • Batch Stirred Tank Reactor Agitator

    Batch Stirred Tank Reactor Agitator

    Stirred Tank Reactor Introduction At present, the most popular reactor heat transfer technology for the outer disk semi-tube steam heat transfer technology, to overcome the traditional heat transfer technology, low thermal efficiency, kettle body diameter and other...Read More
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