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What Are The Characteristics Of Stainless Steel Tank Applications
Dec 07, 2017

Stainless steel tanks, as the name suggests, are stainless steel tanks. They are often used to carry some liquid products such as water and liquor. But many people do not know much about stainless steel tanks, so that they are unable to choose stainless steel tanks. In order to help you get a better understanding of the stainless steel tanks, let's come to a simple understanding of the characteristics of the application of stainless steel tanks.

1, the stainless steel tank has strong corrosion resistance, it is not corroded by the external chlorine and the air from the outside. Every spherical tank is tested and tested with super strong pressure before being out of the factory. The life of each tank can be over 100 years under normal pressure.

2, stainless steel tank sealing: sealed completely eliminate the harmful substances in air particulates and mosquito invasion of the tank, to ensure that the water is not affected by external pollution and the breeding of red worms.

3, the scientific design of the water tank bottom sediment did not turn up because of the flow, ensure domestic water and fire water tank by natural stratification, the water turbidity decreased 48.5%; but the pressure has increased significantly, to improve the performance of domestic water and fire water facilities.

4, stainless steel cans do not need regular cleaning: the precipitate in the water only and regularly open the bottom of the tank drain valve can be discharged. Cleaning the scale once every 3 years with simple equipment, greatly reducing the cost of cleaning and completely avoiding the contamination of human bacterial virus.