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The Working Principle Of Plate Heat Exchange
Dec 07, 2017

A plate heat exchanger is made up of a set of corrugated metal plates with holes on the board to pass through two kinds of heat transfer liquids. The sheet metal plate is installed in a frame with a fixed plate and an active press plate on the side, and is clamped with a clamping bolt. The plate is equipped with a sealed gasket, sealing the fluid channel and directing the fluid into the channel alternately. The flow and physical properties of the fluid, the pressure drop and the temperature difference determine the number and size of the plate.

The corrugated plate not only improves the degree of turbulence, but also forms a number of support points, which is sufficient to withstand the pressure difference between the medium. The metal plate and the movable compression plate are hung on the upper guide rod and positioned by the lower guide bar, while the rod ends are fixed on the supporting columns, but if one of the liquids or two liquids is passed through the heat exchanger, the interface shall be on the fixed plate and the movable compression plate.