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The Correct Method Of Cleaning The Reactor
Dec 07, 2017

he reactor in the process of long-term use will heap a lot of dust, if not timely cleaning, it will accumulate dirt, gradually in the reaction kettle in the course of time, will not only increase the energy consumption, reduce the production of product quality, but also affects the reactor capacity, the residue components may have adverse effects on the reactor. Serious or even cause the reactor explosion, endangering the safety of personnel and equipment.

In peacetime, in addition to the strict protection and inspection of the reaction kettle, it is necessary to clean the reaction kettle regularly. There are two main ways to clean the reactor, which are mechanical cleaning and chemical cleaning.

First, chemical cleaning: first, you should know the composition of the scale in the equipment, it is better to sample analysis. After determining the fouling composition, the test was done first, and the cleaning agent was selected and the corrosion of the metal was not caused by the test.  Then the cleaning liquid is circulated in the equipment by setting up the temporary circulation device, and the dirt is washed away.

Second, mechanical cleaning: high pressure cleaning device, the high pressure water of 150-200MPa through the sprinkler to scour dirt.

The two kinds of cleaning methods of reaction kettle have their advantages and disadvantages, such as less chemical cleaning, short cleaning time and thorough cleaning, but may cause equipment to be corroded. Mechanical cleaning will not cause corrosion to equipment, and can effectively clean hard scale, but it will take long time and labor intensity. Therefore, the chemical cleaning is used in the soft and thin fouling conditions, and the mechanical cleaning is applied to the hard and thick condition of the fouling.

Precautions for cleaning reaction kettle:

Chemical cleaning, cleaning solvents, in addition to the dirt outside useful will attack the corrosion of the reactor and other related accessories, so the demand of well selection and equipment and personnel protection and cleaning agent.