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Reactor Stirrer Technology
Dec 07, 2017

Magnetic stirrer reactor using technology: collector type magnetic stirrer reactor plant is added to the digital temperature control function based on DF-1 type, make the temperature control more intuitive and convenient, has been unanimously praised by users. The collector is an indispensable experimental device in the chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical and environmental protection departments. The stirrer makes the heated object completely in the strong heat radiation, the heat efficiency is high, and the heating rate is fast, and the heating and stirring problem of various reaction bottles and the high temperature reaction is solved better. 

A magnetic stirrer, the reaction mixture is uniform, uniform temperature, heating in a closed container, to prevent bumping, for example in the distillation process, can add zeolite, can also use the magnetic stirrer reactor, reaction speed, and the evaporation rate, shorten the time.