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Heat Exchanger Cleaning Method
Dec 07, 2017

According to the form of the heat exchanger, there should be enough space at both ends of the heat exchanger to meet the needs of the condition (operation) for cleaning and maintenance. When the fixed tube plate heat exchanger is installed, the two ends should be left enough space so that the pipe can be pulled out and replaced. And when the pipe is cleaned by mechanical method, both ends of the pipe can be scrubbed. Fixed head floating head heat exchanger end should have enough space to take control from the shell, the outside cover must also set aside a meters position for assembling and disassembling outer cover and a floating head cover. The fixed head of the U tube heat exchanger should allow enough space to draw out the tube bundle, or leave enough space at the opposite end to remove the shell.

When the chemical cleaning is used, the chemical cleaning should be prepared separately according to the actual situation and the scale of the scale of the water.

The difficulty of cleaning is increased rapidly with increasing layer thickness or the scale deposition, so the cleaning interval should not be too long, should according to the characteristics of production equipment, properties of heat transfer medium, regular inspection of corrosion rate and operation cycle, repair and cleaning.