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Enamel Reaction Kettle Screw Connector Type
Jan 13, 2018

In addition to stainless steel reactors, enamel reactors have also brought a lot of help to our life and work in the chemical industry because of the special materials used in these reactors to make their surfaces smooth, not only to the media Non-stick and easy to clean.


Here to highlight the selection and connection of fasteners in the glass-lined reactor, if the bolt connection mainly includes the tension bolt connection and shear bolt connection; and the screw connection is suitable for the connection itself is thick, not Need to disassemble the hexagonal end, no nut.


Glass-lined reactor will choose the location of the stud bolt connection is screwed at both ends of the screw is a bolt, one end of the screwed into the connector in the assembly, the other end with a nut, suitable for the connector itself is thicker Also need to disassemble the situation. This kind of bolt disassembly only needs to disassemble the nut without having to remove the stud bolt from the connecting piece.


There are still glass-lined reactor screw connection, in which case the general connector with a thread, unscrew, use the screw end to withstand the surface of the other part or screwed into the corresponding parts of the parts in order to fix the parts Relative position, can transmit little axial force or torque.


There are many types of screw connections on the reactor. The structure and size of the threaded connectors in the enamel reactor have been standardized and can be designed according to relevant standards to ensure that each part of the reactor can be properly assembled together.