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Three-dimensional solar evaporator features
Mar 27, 2021

Evaporator: a metal round basin with an inner diameter of φ200mm and a height of about 100 mm . The evaporator has a metal circular structure, the inner wall should be smooth, and the evaporator blade should not have defects such as burrs or bruises. All parts that are in contact with water should be smooth, and their mutual fit or joint welds should be tight and firm, and there should be no water leakage. The parts and components of the evaporator should be assembled correctly, and there should be no loosening, deformation or other defects that affect the use. The protective layer applied to the parts and components of the evaporator should be firm, uniform, smooth, and free of defects such as delamination and corrosion. The evaporator and the installation frame should be easy to install, and the evaporator will not be disengaged due to the influence of wind in normal use. Accessories: One graduated measuring cup, one water reservoir, one mounting frame, one wire mesh cover (anti-bird drinking water, users can choose by themselves).

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