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The kettle type evaporator is operational purposes
Apr 17, 2021

( 1 ) Concentration of dilute solution directly produces liquid products, or the concentrated solution is further processed (such as cooling and crystallization) to produce solid products, such as the concentration of dilute caustic soda solution (electrolyte), the concentration of sucrose aqueous solution, and various Concentration of fruit juice, milk, etc.; ( 2 ) The preparation of pure solvents. At this time, the steamed solvent is the product, such as sea water evaporation and desalination to produce fresh water. ( 3 ) Preparation of concentrated solution and solvent recovery at the same time, such as the evaporation of alcohol extract in the production of traditional Chinese medicine. Most of the industrially evaporated solutions are aqueous solutions, so the discussion in this chapter is limited to the evaporation of aqueous solutions. In principle, the basic principles and equipment for evaporation of aqueous solutions are also applicable to the evaporation of other liquids.

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