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The heater temperature of the heat exchanger
Apr 08, 2021

High temperature conditions : When the temperature requirement is as high as 500 ℃ or higher, heat storage or direct thermal electric heating can be used. Medium temperature conditions : For working conditions of 150~300 ℃, organic heating medium is generally used as the heating medium. Divided into two kinds of liquid phase and gas phase. Low temperature conditions : When the temperature is less than 150 ℃, first consider the shell-and-tube heat exchanger. Only when the characteristics of the process materials or process conditions are special, other forms are considered. For example, the heating of heat-sensitive materials usually adopts falling film or corrugated plate heat exchangers. . Shell-and-tube heat exchangers are mostly used, which are divided into three types: forced circulation, thermosiphon and kettle reboilers. The design temperature difference is generally 20~50 ℃, and the single-pass evaporation rate is generally 10%~30% .

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