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Structural performance of spiral plate heat exchanger
Apr 02, 2021

This equipment is made of two rolls to form two uniform spiral channels. The two heat transfer media can flow in full countercurrent flow, which greatly enhances the heat exchange effect. Even two small temperature difference media can achieve ideal exchange. Thermal effect ; the connecting pipe on the shell adopts a tangential structure, and the local resistance is small. Because the curvature of the spiral channel is uniform, the liquid flow in the equipment does not have a big turn, and the total resistance is small, so the design flow rate can be increased to make it have Higher heat transfer capacity. The end surface of the spiral channel of the I -type non-detachable spiral plate heat exchanger is sealed by welding, so it has a high sealing performance. The structural principle of type II detachable spiral plate heat exchanger is basically the same as that of non-detachable heat exchanger, but one of the channels can be detached for cleaning, which is especially suitable for heat exchange with viscous and precipitated liquid;type III detachable spiral plate The structural principle of the heat exchanger is basically the same as that of the non-detachable heat exchanger, but its two channels can be detached and cleaned, which has a wide range of applications.

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