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Stainless Steel Reactor Jacket Design Multiple Reactor composition
Apr 10, 2021

The reaction kettle is composed of a kettle body, a kettle cover, a jacket, a stirrer, a transmission device, a shaft sealing device, and a support. 1 The shell of the reaction kettle : the shell is composed of a circular cylinder, an upper cover and a lower head. There are two ways to connect the upper cover and the cylinder body, one is that the cover and the cylinder body are directly welded to form a whole ; the other is to consider the convenience of disassembly and can be connected with a flange. The upper cover is opened with manholes, hand holes and process takeovers, etc. 2 Stirring device of the reactor : In the reactor, in order to accelerate the reaction speed, strengthen the mixing and enhance the mass transfer or heat transfer effect, the reactor is generally equipped with a stirring device. It is composed of a stirrer and a stirring shaft, which are integrated with a transmission device by a coupling. 3 The sealing device of the reaction kettle : The sealing device used in the reaction kettle is a dynamic sealing structure, and there are mainly two types of packing seal and mechanical seal.

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