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Stainless Steel Reactor For Chemicals installation and use
Apr 15, 2021

The autoclave should be placed indoors. When multiple autoclaves are equipped, they should be placed separately. Each operation room should have an outlet directly leading to the outdoors or passages, and the equipment location should be well ventilated. When installing the kettle cover, prevent the sealing surfaces between the kettle body and the cover from colliding with each other. Place the kettle cover carefully on the kettle body according to the fixed position. When tightening the main nut, it must be tightened diagonally and symmetrically several times. The force should be even, and the lid of the kettle should not be tilted to one side to achieve a good sealing effect. At the connection of the positive and negative nuts, only the positive and negative nuts are allowed to rotate, and the two arc sealing surfaces must not rotate relative to each other. When all the nut pattern connectors are assembled, they should be coated with lubricating oil. The needle valve is tightly sealed, and a good sealing effect can be achieved by turning the valve needle gently and pressing the cover tightly. Rotate the revolving body on the kettle by hand to check whether the operation is flexible. The controller should be placed flat on the operating table, the working environment temperature is 10-40 ℃, the relative humidity is less than 85% , and the surrounding medium does not contain conductive dust or corrosive gas. Check whether the movable parts and fixed contacts on the front panel and rear panel are normal, remove the upper cover, and check whether the contact of the connector is loose, and whether there is damage or rust caused by improper transportation and storage. The controller should be grounded reliably.

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