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Spiral plate heat exchanger structural properties
Apr 26, 2021

(1) Its two spiral passages are respectively rolled by two metal plates, so the heat transfer medium can flow in full countercurrent flow in it to greatly enhance the heat exchange effect. Even if the temperature difference of the medium is small, it will not affect the heat exchange effect. (2) The connecting pipe on the heat exchanger shell generally adopts a tangential structure, because in this way, there can be less local resistance, and at the same time, the flow rate can be appropriately increased to enhance the heat transfer capacity of the heat exchanger. (3) If the use of one spiral plate heat exchanger cannot meet the requirements of use, then multiple units can be used at the same time. In the combination form, it can be a series or parallel combination, but it should be noted that the equipment It must be consistent with the channel spacing. In addition, it can also be a mixed combination, that is, one channel is connected in parallel and one channel is connected in series.

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