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Spiral plate heat exchanger in the heat exchange tubes Why is there frozen
Apr 27, 2021

When the heat source is stopped and the blower is still running, if there is still water in the spiral plate heat exchanger, it will be attacked by the outdoor low-temperature air, which will cause the heat exchanger to freeze and crack and corresponding damage. For heat exchangers that use heat medium as steam, when the trap is damaged and loses its function, the condensed water generated in the heat exchanger cannot be discharged for a long time. In this regard, it is easier to use The freezing of the water in the heat exchanger directly causes the heat exchanger to be damaged by freezing and cracking. The reason why the spiral plate heat exchanger will freeze and crack is because the heat exchanger is installed or the piping is not seven gears, so that there is water in the place where the heat exchanger is at a low point. Therefore, when it is operated and used in winter, Along with the extension of the operating time, the spiral plate heat exchanger coils are also more likely to freeze, which to a large extent will also lead to freeze cracking and damage to the heat exchanger equipment. When the spiral plate heat exchanger is operating in winter, because the heat exchange area on the spiral plate heat exchanger exceeds the required value too much, the operator controls the heat medium flow rate to be too small when adjusting the heat medium flow rate, which will make the heat exchanger The fresh air side coil is prone to freeze and damage the heat exchanger equipment due to freezing and cracking.

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