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Selected features from the process heat exchanger
Apr 08, 2021

When the heat transfer is large, it is more economical to choose a plate heat exchanger with a larger heat transfer area and heat transfer coefficient, but the operating temperature of the plate heat exchanger is generally not more than 150 ℃, and the pressure drop is relatively large. For high pressure drop and temperature pressure, it is more reasonable to choose shell and tube heat exchanger. The plate-fin heat exchanger is suitable for the cooling of gas materials due to the effect of the fins, and its use temperature is generally less than 150 ℃. The air cooler is suitable for high-temperature and high-pressure process conditions, and the outlet temperature of the hot stream must be 15-20 ℃ higher than the design temperature . It is suitable for working conditions such as the need to rapidly reduce the temperature of the process material, the cooling of the process material accompanied by absorption or dust removal, the cooling of a large amount of hot water and the condensation and cooling of a large amount of water vapor.

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