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Pharmaceutical Catalytic Reactors performance characteristics
Apr 14, 2021

Since the molecules of the reactants stay in the reactor for the same time, the concentration of the reactants and the chemical reaction speed at any point in the reactor do not change with time, only with the length of the tube. The tubular reactor has a small volume, a large specific surface, and a large heat transfer area per unit volume, and is especially suitable for reactions with large thermal effects. Because the reactant has a fast reaction speed and a fast flow rate in the tubular reactor, its production capacity is high. The tubular reactor is suitable for large-scale and continuous chemical production. Compared with the tank reactor, the backmixing is smaller, and the flow pattern of the fluid in the tube is close to the ideal fluid under the condition of lower flow rate. The tubular reactor is suitable for both liquid phase reaction and gas phase reaction. It is particularly suitable for pressurized reactions. In addition, the tubular reactor can realize segmented temperature control. The main disadvantage is that the pipeline is too long when the reaction rate is very low, which is not easy to realize in industry.

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