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Overview of the heat transfer of the thermal film of the heat exchanger
Apr 09, 2021

The vortex thermal film heat exchanger adopts the latest vortex thermal film heat transfer technology to increase the heat transfer effect by changing the fluid motion state. When the medium passes through the surface of the vortex tube , it strongly washes the surface of the tube, thereby improving the heat transfer efficiency. The highest can reach 10000W/m2℃ . This structure realizes the functions of corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance and anti-scaling. The fluid channels of other types of heat exchangers are in the form of fixed-direction flow, forming a detour on the surface of the heat exchange tube , and the convection heat transfer coefficient is reduced. The biggest feature of the eddy current hot film heat exchanger lies in the unity of economy and safety. Since the flow relationship between the heat exchange tubes, the heat exchange tubes and the shell is considered, the turbulence is no longer forced by the way of forcibly blocking the baffles , but the alternate vortex flow is naturally induced between the heat exchange tubes, and Maintain the proper degree of vibration under the premise of ensuring that the heat exchange tubes do not rub against each other. The heat exchange tubes have good rigidity and flexibility and will not collide with each other, which not only overcomes the problem of damage caused by mutual collision between floating coil heat exchangers , but also avoids the problem of easy fouling of ordinary shell-and-tube heat exchangers.

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