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Jacket Design Multiple Reactor System installation considerations
Apr 12, 2021

The reactor is an important equipment of the chemical plant. According to the material, it can be divided into carbon steel reactor, stainless steel reactor and glass-lined reactor ( enamel reactor). In order to ensure the normal service life of the enamel reactor, the enamel reactor is not suitable for the reaction, polymerization, storage, heat exchange and other chemical processes of the following media or materials. Strict crowbars, hand hammers, etc. directly contact and collide with the enamel parts during the installation process to avoid damage to the enamel lining. Before installation, the enamel surface of the equipment should be cleaned with water, and clean rubber shoes should be worn to check whether the glass lining is intact. The sight glass installed on the reaction pot is a brittle material. In addition to ensuring uniform tightening during installation, the pressing force should not be too large. In case of local leakage, the offset pad should be plugged to avoid fragmentation caused by excessive local stress.

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