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Instructions for use of spiral plate heat exchanger
Apr 04, 2021

For equipment installation, engineering and technical personnel familiar with the system process should be asked to guide, and the installation process plan should be determined in accordance with this manual, product quality certificate and system process characteristics. During the installation, consider making the best use of the direction of the pipeline to absorb thermal expansion, and the installation should be level and aligned, and no additional stresses should be generated to avoid adverse effects on the equipment.The pipeline connection should make the two processes completely countercurrent to improve the heat transfer effect. The pipeline system should be cleaned before installation, and no mud, sand, debris, etc. should be left in it; check whether the heat exchanger is damaged during transportation and whether there is any large debris falling into the pipe mouth. After the equipment is installed, the equipment and system should undergo a hydraulic test.After the water pressure test is completed, the equipment should be insulated.The circulation must be softened or treated with medicine. (According to the low-pressure boiler water quality standard GB1576-96 ), due to improper water treatment, the scale can be removed by chemical cleaning.

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