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How to protect the heat exchanger from corrosion
Apr 09, 2021

Heat exchanger in the oil refining industry applications is very broad , its importance is obvious and should see , will directly affect the efficiency of heat transfer equipment to the costs of the refinery process efficiency and cost. According to statistics, heat exchangers account for about 1/5 of the investment in chemical construction . Therefore , the utilization rate and life of heat exchangers are important issues worth studying. The cause of damage to the heat exchanger of view , corrosion is a very important reason , and corrosion of the heat exchanger of a large number of ubiquitous , can solve corrosion problems , is equivalent to solve the fundamental heat damage. To prevent corrosion of the heat exchanger , we have to figure out the root cause of corrosion , the current discussions on the following aspects Corrosion of heat exchangers.

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