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Heat exchangers are classified according to the principle of heat transfer
Apr 08, 2021

Partition Wall Heat Exchanger The partition heat exchanger is two fluids with different temperatures flowing in the space separated by the wall, through the heat conduction of the wall and the convection of the fluid on the wall surface, heat exchange between the two fluids. Partition wall heat exchangers include shell-and-tube heat exchangers, double-pipe heat exchangers and other types of heat exchangers. The partition wall heat exchanger is currently the most widely used heat exchanger . The regenerative heat exchanger transfers heat from a high-temperature fluid to a low-temperature fluid through a heat storage body composed of solid materials. After the heating medium reaches a certain temperature by heating the solid material, the cold medium is passed through the solid material. Heating to achieve the purpose of heat transfer. Regenerative heat exchangers include rotary type and valve switching type. Fluid connection indirect heat exchanger Fluid connection indirect heat exchanger is a heat exchanger that connects two surface heat exchangers by a heat carrier circulating in it. The heat carrier is between the high temperature fluid heat exchanger and the low temperature fluid. Inter-circulation, the high-temperature fluid receives heat, and the low-temperature fluid heat exchanger releases the heat to the low-temperature fluid.

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