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Features of spiral plate heat exchanger
Apr 03, 2021

High heat transfer efficiency: It is generally believed that the heat transfer efficiency of the spiral plate heat exchanger is 1-3 times that of the tubular heat exchanger.Effective recovery of low-temperature heat energy : The spiral plate heat exchanger is made of two coils to recover waste heat and make full use of low-temperature heat energy. Strong operational reliability

The end surface of the spiral channel of the non-detachable spiral plate heat exchanger is welded and sealed, so it has a high sealing performance and ensures that the two working media are not mixed. Low resistance : the pipe on the shell adopts a tangential structure. Relatively low pressure loss, processing large-volume steam or gas; self-cleaning ability, because the medium flows in a spiral, dirt is not easy to deposit; easy to clean, can be washed with steam or lye, simple and easy, suitable for installing cleaning devices; The medium goes through a single channel, allowing the flow rate to be higher than other heat exchangers. Multiple units can be used in combination : When a single device cannot meet the requirements for use, multiple units can be used in combination, but the combination must meet the following requirements: parallel combination, series combination, and the same distance between devices and channels.

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