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Evaporator single-effect evaporation and multi-effect evaporation
Apr 19, 2021

According to whether the secondary steam is used as heating steam for another evaporator, the evaporation process can be divided into single-effect evaporation and multi-effect evaporation. If the secondary steam of the previous effect is directly condensed and is no longer used, it is called single-effect evaporation. The flow of single-effect evaporation is shown. If the secondary steam is introduced to the next evaporator as heating steam, the evaporation process in which multiple evaporators are connected in series to use the heating steam for multiple times is called multi-effect evaporation. According to the process mode of evaporation, it can be divided into batch evaporation and continuous evaporation. Batch evaporation refers to the evaporation operation of batch feeding or discharging. The characteristic of intermittent operation is that during the whole process, the concentration and boiling point of the solution in the evaporator change with time, so intermittent evaporation is an unsteady operation. Usually intermittent evaporation is suitable for small-scale and multi-variety occasions, while continuous evaporation is suitable for large-scale production processes.

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