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Before selecting spiral heat exchangers processing considerations
Apr 23, 2021

Non-spaced column spiral plate heat exchanger can be divided into: carbon steel spiral plate heat exchanger, stainless steel spiral plate heat exchanger, titanium spiral plate heat exchanger, Hastelloy spiral plate heat exchanger, nickel metal spiral Plate heat exchangers, etc., the non-spaced column bubble spiral plate increases the heat transfer area by stamping and bubbling, and the two media fully contact the hot groove, changing the fluid flow state, and the media flow direction and velocity are changed to enhance heat transfer efficiency . Avoiding the smooth flow of the medium in the traditional spiral plate heat exchanger, the medium has no heat transfer dead angles caused by sharp turns, and the heat exchange efficiency is increased by more than 30% . The selection of spiral plate test heat exchanger with non-spaced column depends on the equipment requirements, and it is not suitable for the spiral plate channel spacing requirements are too large. For the channel spacing requirement between 3MM-16MM , it is a very good choice in terms of safety and durability. When selecting a spiral plate heat exchanger, it must be coordinated with the actual needs of the enterprise. The material, structure and process of the spiral plate are very important. Therefore, when choosing the spiral plate manufacturing process, you can first according to the structure and actual needs of the equipment , Now choose the process plan, so that it is easier to control the overall effect.

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