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Anti-corrosion technology of spiral plate heat exchanger
Apr 05, 2021

Electrochemical protection law is divided into cathodic protection and anode protection. Cathodic protection is to use an external DC power supply to make the anode on the metal surface become a cathode and be protected. This method consumes a lot of power, is expensive, and uses very little. The anode protection method is to connect the protected equipment to the anode of an external power supply, so that a passivation film is formed on the metal surface to achieve protection. The carbon steel spiral plate heat exchanger has low cost, but poor corrosion resistance. The use of sacrificial anode protection technology can increase the service life of the spiral plate heat exchanger, but the protection effect of this technology is limited to the limited length of the tube entrance , and it is difficult to achieve cathodic protection in the depth of the tube. Therefore, the sacrificial anode protection method is used in the spiral plate heat exchanger. The application of heat exchangers has been greatly restricted.

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