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An evaporator system maintenance
Mar 30, 2021

1 . Often leak work evaporator. Leakage is a common failure phenomenon of evaporators, and you should pay attention to frequent leak detection during use. When the ammonia evaporator leaks, it has a pungent odor, and there is no frost at the leaking point. Phenolphthalein test paper can be used to check the leak , because ammonia is alkaline, it turns red when it meets phenolphthalein test paper. When you look at it, it is usually a leak point where there is no frost in the evaporator. You can also use soapy water to find the leak at the leak. Halogen lamps and halogen leak detectors can be used to check the leakage of Freon evaporator, and soapy water can also be used to find leaks. When checking, you can first check whether there are oil traces on the evaporation pipe. Because freon and oil are mutually soluble, when freon leaks, the oil will also leak out from the leakage point. Therefore, where there is oil, it will leak. When a halogen lamp is used for leak detection, if there is a Freon leak somewhere, the flame of the halogen lamp will change from blue to green, light green, grass green, purple green, purple and other colors to judge the amount of Freon leakage. 3 . When an evaporator for long periods, Zhuo refrigerant to the reservoir or a condenser, an evaporator and the pressure was maintained at 0.05MPa or so is appropriate. If it is the evaporator in the salt pool, it needs to be flushed with tap water. After flushing, fill the pool with tap water.

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