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A stainless steel tank-sided welding process
Apr 30, 2021

Stainless steel storage tanks are generally atmospheric vessels with large volume and thinner design walls. The commonly used welding process is manual electrode welding, which has large splashes during welding, large internal welding stress, large single-sided welding deformation, and welding quality difficult to control. The argon arc welding can just overcome the above shortcomings, and the welding process has no spatter and no slag. However, due to the strong oxygen affinity of stainless steel, high temperature and easy oxidation, single-sided argon arc welding is prone to "slag-like welds", resulting in "chromium depletion" in the welded joint area and premature failure in corrosive media. Moreover, single-sided welding is greatly affected by the groove group, and it is prone to welding defects such as incomplete penetration and unfused roots. In order to overcome the above-mentioned defects of single-sided argon arc welding and the deformation caused by uneven internal stress of single-sided argon arc welding, and improve the pass rate of non-destructive testing, it is now recommended to use double butt welds to weld both sides at the same time, that is, double-sided argon arc welding. Welding process.

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